Tuesday, 21 April 2009

wierdest/best night everr.

Ok the following events are all 100% true.

Me and my friend elsie decided that we were going to go on a trip to London for dinner and hangouts, it was an amazing plan.
We drove to Boston Manor and parked to get the tube into covent garden, elsie showed me her flat she used to live in and we wondered around for a while soaking in the sun and loud noises from the street performers of covent garden.
We then decided to go to south-bank and ended up sitting on a bench talking until the sun went down and all the lights came on and we both agreed on not liking the green light on big ben it clashes with the traditional architecture.
When it started to get cold we decided to go into wagamama's for dinner, that was amazing as always ^____^.

After dinner we had to get the tube back to the car before we missed the last one, as we got back to the car, Elsie wanted to drive back into central and drive about because the lights in central london are beautiful. As we were driving we pulled upside a Mercedes driver and we both waved at him (If you been driving with me in my car you know the rules)
This guy didn't wave back so i thought to myself:
"I wanna follow this guy"
SO i asked elsie if she was cool with that and she was like "Lets doo this shit"

So the epic journey began.
We literally followed this guys for about 1:45 mins.
Changing lanes when he did in and out lol.
When we got to traffic lights behind him we pulled down the sun blockers to cover our faces.
He was getting very paranoid. ( Who wouldn't)
At one point he was soo scared he pulled off a main road and pulled into space outside a house but he left his head lights on, so we were like "This definitely isn't his house"
So we turned around at the end of then road so he was in our headlights, then he started driving towards us and we panicked, i was sweating tbh i quickly did a 3 point turned pulled around the corner, turned my lights off and waited for him to come around the corner.

Eventually he did and i turned my lights on and began to follow him again.
We got around the corner onto a motorway and him being a Mercedes driver put his foot down and poor little kenny couldn't keep up :(

We had a look around and we didnt have a clue where we were, we had been driving for about 1 hour 45 mins and we had driven under various tunnels on and many different roads, eventually we came across a sign saying we had just left kent so we had left london gone to kent and now we were going out the other side.
At this point is was about 4 in the morning.

Following this mass stalking which was strangly very enjoyable and one of the funniest things i have ever done in my life we decided ot make our way home (If we could)
As we got onto the m25 we saw a tourist sign to a castle and instantly we both were like "Lets go to the castle"
^___^ i LOVE instant mutual agreements.

We pulled off the M25 to go to this castle, which was 24 miles away lol.
But eventually after a million bendy country roads filled with fog and conversations of serial killers climbing into our boot, and what we would do in that situation, we came across the castle grounds which were locked up :(
Whilst we were pulling out of the castle grounds we saw a sign to Brighton and we looked at each other and we were both puzzled about how the hell we ended up anywhere near Brighton from london lol.
So that being the only familiar name on the road signs we followed.
Another long journey filled with conversation, service station stops and driving around roundabouts the wrong way because we could (Scariest thing i have ever done)
We ended up in a place called lewes which Elsie knew well and said
"OMG there is a castle here"
So naturally we pulled over and continued our journey by foot but again the castle was closed but this time for construction.
Disappointing we got back into the car and continued on our journey to brighton.
As we arrived in brighton we were very dissapointed at the fact that the lights on the pier where turned off :( we drove around for a bit and on our way out of brighton there was a stranger trying to thumb down cars, i just drove past not thinking twice to pick him him but as i got down the road, i put myself in his situation.

Hitchhiking would definitely be a last resort and tons of people just drove past him, i was in that situation a couple of months ago when my car broke down and i know people are kinda scared of hitchhikers but he could have been there for hours in the freezing cold.

Then whilst i was thinking this, Elsie turned around and said she felt bad leaving him there, so we turned around, locked our doors and pulled up along side this guy.

Turns out he was Austrian and he was on holiday in Brighton.
All his friends had left him and he had no idea where he was and he had been trying to get a ride for 5 HOURS.
I couldn't believe it.
He told us where he lived and we had no clue what so ever because we are not form brighton.
We said we would take him to the nearest station and get directions from there.
Turns out he was staying in peacehaven which would have taken him about4 or 5 hours to walk to so again me and elsie looked at each other and we both knew we were gunna take him there.

So this crazy drunk 19 year old Austrian guy called Phil hoped in the back of my car.
As we were driving him back to his hostel, we told him about our night soo far about london and following that car, getting lost and the castles and he was like "OHHHHH you guys are crazy"
At this point he was probaly shitting himself thinking
"OMG i got into a car filled with psycho's"
We managed to find his hostel pretty easy it was just near the sea front.
After we dropped him off, we found an amazing parking spot on top of a cliff over looking the sea and the sun started coming up, so we decided t watch it rise over the sea ^____^
It was amazing.
After this i was definitely tired and we decided to go home.
On the way we decided to visit arundel castle but that was also closed.
So we just went home.

We eventually got home about 9 o'clock and as soon i put my head down i passed out.

I woke up at 5:00 and it seemed like a dream.

The only thing it was missing was a person who i know would have loved it even more than me.

Sorry about the lenght of this but i had to write it down so i never forget it.


Thursday, 26 February 2009

Today me.

I feel weird today.

Usually by now my body would be craving food but im not hungry in the slightest.

I'm sat at work drinking a cup of tea which seems to be an effort to drink, usually i would happily swig it down and then make another one.

I dont even find it amusing that the coaster is sticking to the mug every time i pick the cup up to take a swig.

I'm kinda just sat here not hot, not cold.
A completely neutral temperature.

I'm not even getting wound up by the customers.

Two people just came of one of the squash court and one said to the other.
"You used to play better when you were an alcoholic"
I would have usually pissed my self laughing, but i couldn't even force out a smile, i just took their money and slumped back don into this worn chair.

The only thing reminding me that this isn't a dream is my smell.
I haven't washed for a few days now, i would just put on some deodorant to temporarily cover up the smell, but i left my bag containing my deodorant and my Nintendo DS at a Macdonald's in Basingstoke.

I will probably never see them again and i honestly don't care.
I don't know if thats just today me or just general me.

Ok so i just stole some deodorant from the cupboard, I'm not usually one for stealing but free stuff is good.

Now i smell good i can settle for today being a dream.

This means I'm sleeping in a warm and comfy bed somewhere.

I like that thought.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

All is going shit.

Great, my house mate just told me he HATES me and if we weren't living in this house together he would never talk to me again and completely erase me from his life.
Definately was bad timess.

Im going.
Ive been packing my stuff all day, i got nowhere to move to but im gunna call around some friends.
I cant stay here any more.

I will still have to pay rent on this house soo i need somewhere for free.
This place has never really felt like home anyway.

Hmm haha another crazy adventure in my life.
Hopefully i will find somewhere in the next couple of days.

Its hard living in the same house with someone who hates you, i don't wanna leave my room.

Sorry i haven't written in soo long.

Monday, 9 February 2009


At least i know who i am and have got enough balls to do what I want to do.
You are him and he is you.
Aesthetically and mentally.
You speak the same.
You share the same lust.
Your addiction is the same.
Your programmed mindset is a huge weight on society, hence the bad name that burdens all students and youths alike.
You choose to perpetuate the negative stereotype of students.
You choose a life that is not your own.
You choose to walk your life in someone else's shoes.
You may as well not exist, there are a million "yous", and guess what?
That girl doesn't want to have sex with you, she doesn't either and neither does she.
Stop looking upon women as fucking disposable sex toys for you to get your dick wet with.
Get some fucking self respect, step into your own shoes and do what you want to do and not what is expected of you.
There is so much more to life than blurry, forgotten nights having meaningless sex with nameless people.
Love life in its purest forms - Natural beauty, love, culture and friendship.

Jeez I fucking hate some people.
I hate kebab houses, where people ask "Are you seriously wearing that? Or is it dress up night?"

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Ok soo after typing my that blog just now, i decided to do something interesting and go and work on one of my songs ive been writing and i thought i would share it with the people who read this, because i love them ^__^

It is an instrumental track, sometimes the feeling of a song can speak just as loud as words, sorry about the midi violin i just don't own a real one, and the mix is really rough at the moment..

Wow here we goo, first time i have ever broadcasted my music across the internet.

Go here (Its free) -> IANS MUSIC

I wish i had something interesting to write about.

I haven't written a blog for ages, its because i never have anything to write about.

The past couple of days i have just been numb laying in bed, doing nothing.
All ive had is the little things that get me through the day, which i usually tweet if its that interesting.

Snow was good, i enjoyed that.

It would have been better if i had someone to enjoy it with.

It seems as though im starting to treat my video camera like a friend, i don't know if this is good or bad.

Im trying sooo hard to make myself believe i have an imaginary friend because that would be aweeeesoooooommmmmeeee.

All you have to do is watch drop dead fred to prove this.

Ran out of cheese just now.

Bad timess.

If you are reading this blog you are awesome and i love you.

Just remember to give me a hug next time you see me.


Sunday, 25 January 2009

I need lessons in organisation ( yeah thats right, with an s stupid spell check)

OK so my original plan for this weekend was that i was going rounds sophies, who was going to drive me, jade and dale to daves to stay there on Friday night, and we had a hostel booked for Saturday night in Liverpool because sophie had an audition for a university early sunday morning.
And then she was going to drive us all back home.

So the first half of the plan went according to plan we got to daves fine we stayed the on Friday night, and hung out all day on sat which was sweet, but them i received an e-mail from one of my band mates saying " dude, don't forget the photoshoot tomorrow".
I shat my pants because i forgot that we had a band promo shoot at 12 and practice at 7.
So very swiftly i had to organise a way back to winchester, which sucked because i think i left sophie to stay in a room by herself :( sorry sophie.

The journey back consisted of:

Getting a lift to derby coach station.
Getting a coach from derby to London Victoria at 3am.
Walking over to Victoria station and waiting for about 2 hours.
Jumping on a train from Victoria there to Epsom.
Catching a taxi from Epsom to sophies house.
Getting in my car and driving from sophies to mine.

The travel cost me:
£5.10 - Coach.
£5.40 - Train.
£10.00- Taxi.
£10.00 -Petrol.


No wonder i always run out of money.

So any way i got home about 11ish and called the guys to see where im meeting them, and guess what?
The photo shoot was canceled.

Im tired.
Im going to sleep.
Bad times. x

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Ok so this weekend i attended the sheffield gathering which was awsome.
But today i am here to talk about what happened to me on the way home.

After the main chunk of my journey, after dropping off hatti, ivens and sophie, i eagerly continued my journey home down the M3 to get back to southampton because my band were playintg a show at 8 that evening.
About 5 miles before Fleet service station Kenny (My car) started pulling over to the right, i thought i was just tired and imagining things but then kenny started wobbling and i decided to pull over.
The wobbling was happeneing because i completly burst my tyre, it was a mess.

At this point i looked at my phone to call some one buti had NO CREDIT and my battery was in the red.

Luckily after about 30 mins one of my band mates called me to see where i was and he said that they were gunna play without me but then he will head out onto the M3 to find me. I said that i was past fleet services, then the battery ran out. I was hoping he heard what i said before it ran out.
I sat in my car playing on my DS, until about 30 mins later when the highway maintenence told me to not sit in my car and wait outside till my friends arrives.
This was annoying because it was FREEEZING out sideee.

So i stood still while minutes past, the minutes turned to half hours and then to hours.
I had to keep my self warm i spent alot of time jogging on the spot, practicing my dance moves and screaming at the top of my voice because i was in the middle of nowhere and the bridge i was under echoed alot, that was quite fun.
Im fairly good at keeping myself entertained soo the hours passed by quite swiftly.
At this point myu battery on my car ran out because my hazzard lights were on for soo long, and i didnt have a clue if bidds was coming or not because it has been soo long, also at this point it started getting reallly cold, i was starting to get realllly worried.

5 Hours later highway maintenence return and say if i dont move soon they are gunna charge me lots of money to have me removed and i said noo, i have a friend on his way ( Even though it only take an hour to get from southampton to fleet.)
The guy let me use his phone and i called bids to see where he was.
On the other end of the line he said he had returned home :( because he drove up and down the M3 between southampton and fleet 3 times and didnt see me.
I said to him that i was after fleet services, but we misunderstood each other, and he though i meant i had driven past fleet services and i was past there from londond way, where as i meant the other way around.
So he left again from his house in guilford and was there in like 30 mins, It was amazing to have some company after such a long time.
We called the AA from his phone and used his member ship card so we didnt have to pay, well that what we thought.
The AA guy arrived after 1hour and a half and said that i was definately not covered on bidd's card, but he was nice and said he would drive us to the nearest service station.


We got to the service station signed some papers ate a macdonalds and decided to leave the car there and drive back to bidds house because it was like 3.30 in the morning and we would see to the car in the morning.
It cost £8 to park there for 24 hours, but they give you back a £2 voucher for food in the service station :s it really annoyed me because i would much rather pay just £6.

This all happened on Monday night/ Tuesday morning, and Poor kenny is still stood in the service station waiting for me to rescue him.
Today i got new tyres which cost me £45 :( im going up there tonight to put them on.

I dont think i will be able to post my challeneges video until tomorow now because i have been trying to fix my car all day.

Love x x x

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


OK so some of you may know that i went to Ireland this weekend, which appears to have been a very good decision ^__^

It started of very badly because, my band were playing a show on the night of my flight, so i turned up to play the show knowing i had to be out of there by 8.30.
Its turns out that the band which were providing the back line had broken down in their tour van, so i had to just leave without playing otherwise i would have missed my flight.

I got to the airport with 1 minute to spare, they nearly shut the gate in my face, but i just sweet talked them ^__^ ( First time thats ever worked )
When i got to Ireland, the plan was that tom was going to phone me at 11.15, which didn't happen. I was stuck in the airport for about 2 hours wondering if i was going to be sleeping there, eventually i found an internet point that worked and THANK THE LORD FOR TWITTER.

Ohh and if you read this thank you to the people who got hold of tom for me. (Hatti <3 , Doug <3)

It turns out that tom couldn't ring me if i didn't have credit on my phone because we were in a different country.
But i managed to find my way to the city centre where i stumbled across 3 very drunk people by the names of Dave, Tom and drunken Stephen sat in burger king looking as though they had just given up on life.

After some very loud street walking from Stephen we found ourselves back at the hostel, which again was very loud and stephen like ^__^ we ate some pizza, bread and a little bit of pasta, ohh and if your tom, lot of stolen cheap rice krispies.
I Lots of towel whipping.
Comes to trying to sleep and Stephen is on the phone to various people, so i threw a shoe at his face and managed to chip his tooth.
I meann a shoe feel from the ceiling .......

Early wake as usual with these gathering malarkey's to shower before hand, time ticked on and it came to us being kicked out of our room by the cleaners, we left in a hurry.
In soo much of a hurry that 30 mins later i realised i left my wallet in the hostel.
Upon my return, my wallet was returned.
But i was shocked to find that all my money had been removed from my wallet.
They said that none of the staff had taken it when the guy behind the counter could not even look me in the eye.
He said we must have left the door open this morning and somebody must have snuck in and grabbed it. He tried to brush it off by saying
"ohh it happens all the time"
HAHA ok well if it happens all the time, why would any one come here EVER??
Great thing to tell your customers.

Soo after this, we head towards the gathering, and it had every quality of a good gathering, the slight awkwardness, the fan girls and the handing over of gifts.
Apart from it was PISSING IT DOWN WITH RAIN AND IRELAND IS THE WINDIEST PLACE ON EARTH. I had a very fun time meeting new people Karla is AWESOME and katy was really nice and kameron, omg it would take forever to name everyone, but yeah i met some amazing people.

After this we went home to stephens house where his lovely parents welcomed us in to their home and offered us food, which was very much appreciated.
We Then slept, and woke up mega early for a secret top mission secret that none of you guys can know about :)
But you will find out sooon enough.
In the famous words of tom milsoms t-shirt:
"Cliff hangers are....."
Love y'allllll
xXx ^__^ xXx

Thursday, 8 January 2009

The movie name into porn title game.

Me and hatti on skype :

Best game eveer .Why is this all underlined hahah.
Im dumb.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

There are some amazing people out there.

Something a little crazy just happened to me and i am gunna share this with you.

I shall give you some background info to start off with. I once tried out for a band which went really well, but unfortunately my other band just started to take off (slightly) so i said the tryout band that i had to focus on my main band and i quit that one.

So when i moved to winchester, the guitarist from this band is working behind the till in my local shop, we start chatting and i forgot how nice he was, now every time i go to the shops we have a nice little chat about some day making the greatest hardcore band ever.

Ok now onto the story.
I was at home yesterday and i have no food what so ever my cupboards are empty, on top of this i have no money what so ever, i am minus in my account, i have less money that a homeless person.
At this point i hadn't eaten since the previous day and was mega hungry to the extent of having stomach pains.

I managed to get together 82p from finding 1p and 2p coins around the house.
So i took this over the shop to get some pasta.
This guy from the tryout band was working behind the till, and when i was paying for my pasta with my pennies, he asked:
"Are you seriously that skint" to which i replied
Then i left the shop and halfway down the road he ran out of the shop and shouted my name.
I though he was calling me back because he thought i had been shop lifting.
But i got back and he said.
"Look ian if you really are the low on funds, come into the shop get a couple of days worth of food and i will sort it out for you."
I thought he was joking, but he was deadly serious.
So i went back into the shop and i didn't wanna take the piss and just got some bread some pasta and some milk.
He got angry with me and said:
" Look ian don't feel bad, get a couple of days worth"
then he put like 2 cans of beans, some cheese, a bag of chips, some sweetcorn and some apples in my basket and took me to the checkout.

After paying for all of that for me, he said
"Please dont hesitate to ask if you need anything else, im here nearly everynnight bro."
I said thank you and walked home with a huge smile on my face, trying to workout what just happened.
When i got home i was unloading the shopping in the kitchen and as i was digging through the bag, not only was there a shit load of food, he put a £10 note in the bottom of the bag that he didn't even mention.
This actually brought a tear to my eye.
What a fucking legend.

P.S. I just looked over into the corner of my room and saw my Yoshi teddy and all i could see was its eyes and it scared the shit out of me hehe.

Much love
-Ian xXx