Tuesday, 21 April 2009

wierdest/best night everr.

Ok the following events are all 100% true.

Me and my friend elsie decided that we were going to go on a trip to London for dinner and hangouts, it was an amazing plan.
We drove to Boston Manor and parked to get the tube into covent garden, elsie showed me her flat she used to live in and we wondered around for a while soaking in the sun and loud noises from the street performers of covent garden.
We then decided to go to south-bank and ended up sitting on a bench talking until the sun went down and all the lights came on and we both agreed on not liking the green light on big ben it clashes with the traditional architecture.
When it started to get cold we decided to go into wagamama's for dinner, that was amazing as always ^____^.

After dinner we had to get the tube back to the car before we missed the last one, as we got back to the car, Elsie wanted to drive back into central and drive about because the lights in central london are beautiful. As we were driving we pulled upside a Mercedes driver and we both waved at him (If you been driving with me in my car you know the rules)
This guy didn't wave back so i thought to myself:
"I wanna follow this guy"
SO i asked elsie if she was cool with that and she was like "Lets doo this shit"

So the epic journey began.
We literally followed this guys for about 1:45 mins.
Changing lanes when he did in and out lol.
When we got to traffic lights behind him we pulled down the sun blockers to cover our faces.
He was getting very paranoid. ( Who wouldn't)
At one point he was soo scared he pulled off a main road and pulled into space outside a house but he left his head lights on, so we were like "This definitely isn't his house"
So we turned around at the end of then road so he was in our headlights, then he started driving towards us and we panicked, i was sweating tbh i quickly did a 3 point turned pulled around the corner, turned my lights off and waited for him to come around the corner.

Eventually he did and i turned my lights on and began to follow him again.
We got around the corner onto a motorway and him being a Mercedes driver put his foot down and poor little kenny couldn't keep up :(

We had a look around and we didnt have a clue where we were, we had been driving for about 1 hour 45 mins and we had driven under various tunnels on and many different roads, eventually we came across a sign saying we had just left kent so we had left london gone to kent and now we were going out the other side.
At this point is was about 4 in the morning.

Following this mass stalking which was strangly very enjoyable and one of the funniest things i have ever done in my life we decided ot make our way home (If we could)
As we got onto the m25 we saw a tourist sign to a castle and instantly we both were like "Lets go to the castle"
^___^ i LOVE instant mutual agreements.

We pulled off the M25 to go to this castle, which was 24 miles away lol.
But eventually after a million bendy country roads filled with fog and conversations of serial killers climbing into our boot, and what we would do in that situation, we came across the castle grounds which were locked up :(
Whilst we were pulling out of the castle grounds we saw a sign to Brighton and we looked at each other and we were both puzzled about how the hell we ended up anywhere near Brighton from london lol.
So that being the only familiar name on the road signs we followed.
Another long journey filled with conversation, service station stops and driving around roundabouts the wrong way because we could (Scariest thing i have ever done)
We ended up in a place called lewes which Elsie knew well and said
"OMG there is a castle here"
So naturally we pulled over and continued our journey by foot but again the castle was closed but this time for construction.
Disappointing we got back into the car and continued on our journey to brighton.
As we arrived in brighton we were very dissapointed at the fact that the lights on the pier where turned off :( we drove around for a bit and on our way out of brighton there was a stranger trying to thumb down cars, i just drove past not thinking twice to pick him him but as i got down the road, i put myself in his situation.

Hitchhiking would definitely be a last resort and tons of people just drove past him, i was in that situation a couple of months ago when my car broke down and i know people are kinda scared of hitchhikers but he could have been there for hours in the freezing cold.

Then whilst i was thinking this, Elsie turned around and said she felt bad leaving him there, so we turned around, locked our doors and pulled up along side this guy.

Turns out he was Austrian and he was on holiday in Brighton.
All his friends had left him and he had no idea where he was and he had been trying to get a ride for 5 HOURS.
I couldn't believe it.
He told us where he lived and we had no clue what so ever because we are not form brighton.
We said we would take him to the nearest station and get directions from there.
Turns out he was staying in peacehaven which would have taken him about4 or 5 hours to walk to so again me and elsie looked at each other and we both knew we were gunna take him there.

So this crazy drunk 19 year old Austrian guy called Phil hoped in the back of my car.
As we were driving him back to his hostel, we told him about our night soo far about london and following that car, getting lost and the castles and he was like "OHHHHH you guys are crazy"
At this point he was probaly shitting himself thinking
"OMG i got into a car filled with psycho's"
We managed to find his hostel pretty easy it was just near the sea front.
After we dropped him off, we found an amazing parking spot on top of a cliff over looking the sea and the sun started coming up, so we decided t watch it rise over the sea ^____^
It was amazing.
After this i was definitely tired and we decided to go home.
On the way we decided to visit arundel castle but that was also closed.
So we just went home.

We eventually got home about 9 o'clock and as soon i put my head down i passed out.

I woke up at 5:00 and it seemed like a dream.

The only thing it was missing was a person who i know would have loved it even more than me.

Sorry about the lenght of this but i had to write it down so i never forget it.



Hatti Rex said...

This sounds like the best!

LittleMissJadeykins said...

woah now that does sound like a pretty epic day out :)


Dave said...


tyrannosauruslexxx said...

omg omg. you know how jealous I am right now. but just you wait my son, ROADDD TRIP <3

Melissa Kendra said...

I didn't know you blogged, but I'm glad you tweeted this post, it made me happy to read all of it. it's sounds like quite the night!
I especially liked the part about the stalking, that would be so sketchy but fun at the same time.
and Brighton reminds me of Pride and Prejudice, haha.

MikisthatChick said...

that is such an unbelivably epic story ian! i like it because nothing really exciting happened, it was just the sheer randomness of it all. i find that sometimes when you are just out with a friend with nothing in mind, thats when you have the most fun :)

Luke Beaumont's Design for Digital Media Blog said...

Ian this story is beautiful! I was I could go on a journey like this it sounds like amazing fun <3

My favourite bit of this story is when you help that guy home, such a nice thing to do! ^_^

kaczor_ek said...

your story is truly amazing, but what is funny, i was just dreaming about sth like this, when i got here and read 'wierdest/best night everr.'
i'm not in a good mood today, so i was like let's watch some iianardo's video. malta. i'm not a fan or crazy young girl that worships you. i just like to watch some of your videos, they make me feel better.there's something. i've dreamt about group of friends, some trips with them, longer and shorter. god, maybe it sounds odd, like i'm totally depressed, i have no friends or boyfriend. but the fact is that i feel quite ok about my situation. it's not my favourite- i'm still trying and trying to get some real friends, because everything seems not natural and weird for me.
ok ok let's finish it. i just wanted to say thank you for your stories and stuff.
i don't know if we would like each other, but i' d like to go on trip like this with someone like you, i think it's my dream.
greetings from poland.'

areta said...

your day sounds better that my day.

anyway, I didn't know you have a blog either.
so thanks kathy for letting me know.