Sunday, 4 January 2009

There are some amazing people out there.

Something a little crazy just happened to me and i am gunna share this with you.

I shall give you some background info to start off with. I once tried out for a band which went really well, but unfortunately my other band just started to take off (slightly) so i said the tryout band that i had to focus on my main band and i quit that one.

So when i moved to winchester, the guitarist from this band is working behind the till in my local shop, we start chatting and i forgot how nice he was, now every time i go to the shops we have a nice little chat about some day making the greatest hardcore band ever.

Ok now onto the story.
I was at home yesterday and i have no food what so ever my cupboards are empty, on top of this i have no money what so ever, i am minus in my account, i have less money that a homeless person.
At this point i hadn't eaten since the previous day and was mega hungry to the extent of having stomach pains.

I managed to get together 82p from finding 1p and 2p coins around the house.
So i took this over the shop to get some pasta.
This guy from the tryout band was working behind the till, and when i was paying for my pasta with my pennies, he asked:
"Are you seriously that skint" to which i replied
Then i left the shop and halfway down the road he ran out of the shop and shouted my name.
I though he was calling me back because he thought i had been shop lifting.
But i got back and he said.
"Look ian if you really are the low on funds, come into the shop get a couple of days worth of food and i will sort it out for you."
I thought he was joking, but he was deadly serious.
So i went back into the shop and i didn't wanna take the piss and just got some bread some pasta and some milk.
He got angry with me and said:
" Look ian don't feel bad, get a couple of days worth"
then he put like 2 cans of beans, some cheese, a bag of chips, some sweetcorn and some apples in my basket and took me to the checkout.

After paying for all of that for me, he said
"Please dont hesitate to ask if you need anything else, im here nearly everynnight bro."
I said thank you and walked home with a huge smile on my face, trying to workout what just happened.
When i got home i was unloading the shopping in the kitchen and as i was digging through the bag, not only was there a shit load of food, he put a £10 note in the bottom of the bag that he didn't even mention.
This actually brought a tear to my eye.
What a fucking legend.

P.S. I just looked over into the corner of my room and saw my Yoshi teddy and all i could see was its eyes and it scared the shit out of me hehe.

Much love
-Ian xXx


Anonymous said...

That's amazing! What a kind person ^_^

Matthew said...

my god! he's unbelievably kind, glad his kind of people still exist!.. ^^

Willowpuff said...

Wow. That is so unbelieveably nice.
I hate to say it, but I did almost shed a tear at that story.

doug said...

aww that's really nice :]

now, as fairy tails tend to go, you're gunna have to marry him. xD

JustSal said...

You've restored my faith in humanity. There really are people out there who are simply nice without some sort of hidden agenda.

I'll be back to

Alyssa said...

I'm glad to hear that there are still good people in this world :)

It's always nice to read about nice people

Tim said...

What a fantastic thing for him to do.

Taylor~ said...

wow. that brought a tear to my eye T.T he is such an unbelievably kind person and that was such a nice thing he did <3
my mom did something like that once :\ she bought an old homeless lady a sandwhich from Mc donalds <3
its nice to hear that there truly are good hearted people in the world