Thursday, 26 February 2009

Today me.

I feel weird today.

Usually by now my body would be craving food but im not hungry in the slightest.

I'm sat at work drinking a cup of tea which seems to be an effort to drink, usually i would happily swig it down and then make another one.

I dont even find it amusing that the coaster is sticking to the mug every time i pick the cup up to take a swig.

I'm kinda just sat here not hot, not cold.
A completely neutral temperature.

I'm not even getting wound up by the customers.

Two people just came of one of the squash court and one said to the other.
"You used to play better when you were an alcoholic"
I would have usually pissed my self laughing, but i couldn't even force out a smile, i just took their money and slumped back don into this worn chair.

The only thing reminding me that this isn't a dream is my smell.
I haven't washed for a few days now, i would just put on some deodorant to temporarily cover up the smell, but i left my bag containing my deodorant and my Nintendo DS at a Macdonald's in Basingstoke.

I will probably never see them again and i honestly don't care.
I don't know if thats just today me or just general me.

Ok so i just stole some deodorant from the cupboard, I'm not usually one for stealing but free stuff is good.

Now i smell good i can settle for today being a dream.

This means I'm sleeping in a warm and comfy bed somewhere.

I like that thought.


JustSal said...

How did you get on with your flat?

Matthew said...

it's been two months, Ian... where are you?