Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Ok so this weekend i attended the sheffield gathering which was awsome.
But today i am here to talk about what happened to me on the way home.

After the main chunk of my journey, after dropping off hatti, ivens and sophie, i eagerly continued my journey home down the M3 to get back to southampton because my band were playintg a show at 8 that evening.
About 5 miles before Fleet service station Kenny (My car) started pulling over to the right, i thought i was just tired and imagining things but then kenny started wobbling and i decided to pull over.
The wobbling was happeneing because i completly burst my tyre, it was a mess.

At this point i looked at my phone to call some one buti had NO CREDIT and my battery was in the red.

Luckily after about 30 mins one of my band mates called me to see where i was and he said that they were gunna play without me but then he will head out onto the M3 to find me. I said that i was past fleet services, then the battery ran out. I was hoping he heard what i said before it ran out.
I sat in my car playing on my DS, until about 30 mins later when the highway maintenence told me to not sit in my car and wait outside till my friends arrives.
This was annoying because it was FREEEZING out sideee.

So i stood still while minutes past, the minutes turned to half hours and then to hours.
I had to keep my self warm i spent alot of time jogging on the spot, practicing my dance moves and screaming at the top of my voice because i was in the middle of nowhere and the bridge i was under echoed alot, that was quite fun.
Im fairly good at keeping myself entertained soo the hours passed by quite swiftly.
At this point myu battery on my car ran out because my hazzard lights were on for soo long, and i didnt have a clue if bidds was coming or not because it has been soo long, also at this point it started getting reallly cold, i was starting to get realllly worried.

5 Hours later highway maintenence return and say if i dont move soon they are gunna charge me lots of money to have me removed and i said noo, i have a friend on his way ( Even though it only take an hour to get from southampton to fleet.)
The guy let me use his phone and i called bids to see where he was.
On the other end of the line he said he had returned home :( because he drove up and down the M3 between southampton and fleet 3 times and didnt see me.
I said to him that i was after fleet services, but we misunderstood each other, and he though i meant i had driven past fleet services and i was past there from londond way, where as i meant the other way around.
So he left again from his house in guilford and was there in like 30 mins, It was amazing to have some company after such a long time.
We called the AA from his phone and used his member ship card so we didnt have to pay, well that what we thought.
The AA guy arrived after 1hour and a half and said that i was definately not covered on bidd's card, but he was nice and said he would drive us to the nearest service station.


We got to the service station signed some papers ate a macdonalds and decided to leave the car there and drive back to bidds house because it was like 3.30 in the morning and we would see to the car in the morning.
It cost £8 to park there for 24 hours, but they give you back a £2 voucher for food in the service station :s it really annoyed me because i would much rather pay just £6.

This all happened on Monday night/ Tuesday morning, and Poor kenny is still stood in the service station waiting for me to rescue him.
Today i got new tyres which cost me £45 :( im going up there tonight to put them on.

I dont think i will be able to post my challeneges video until tomorow now because i have been trying to fix my car all day.

Love x x x


ariel said...

haa omg that's awful
but hilarious you can entertain yourself in such a way
you're awesome :P

Ike said...

omg, what a horrible thing, i would be having scars on meself

Benjy said...

Ouch :(
Did you find out how you burst the tyre though?

Alyssa said...

well it's good you had some positivity with entertainment while you were stuck in a bad situation.

I wouldn't have written a blog as nice as yours if I was waiting for that long..

doug said...

Ahh mann sucks to be you :(

You deffo need to sort out your finances! You never have any credit! D:

Taylor~ said...

thats so awful!
your tire looked completly destroyed :[ poor thing.