Tuesday, 24 February 2009

All is going shit.

Great, my house mate just told me he HATES me and if we weren't living in this house together he would never talk to me again and completely erase me from his life.
Definately was bad timess.

Im going.
Ive been packing my stuff all day, i got nowhere to move to but im gunna call around some friends.
I cant stay here any more.

I will still have to pay rent on this house soo i need somewhere for free.
This place has never really felt like home anyway.

Hmm haha another crazy adventure in my life.
Hopefully i will find somewhere in the next couple of days.

Its hard living in the same house with someone who hates you, i don't wanna leave my room.

Sorry i haven't written in soo long.


[Katy xo] said...

How could anyone hate you, your lovely. Hes obviously a fool. x

Dave said...

Dude that suckkkks.

I know it's a bit far away for a permanent solution but you know you're always welcome here.


doug said...

Whaaatt? that's rediculous! i thought i was the only one that hated y.... um jokes ;)

nobutsrsly, if its any consolation, i always thought he was a bit odd.
and why should you have to leave?! make him leave! its just as much ur place as it is his, right? i'd cancel any of the services that come out of your bank quiiickk if i were you. like cancel your card / direct debit so they come round the house and demand money.. from him ;)

all the best x

MikisthatChick said...

Aw Ian i'm so sorry!! He must be out of his mind to hate you. Maybe he'll come to his senses, or maybe he's not actually a guy, but a very manly girl, and its his time of the month, so he's grumpy.
could be so :)

the word verification for this is:
i like it.

Dom said...

If you don't live there then don't pay rent. He is the one with the problem so he should move out. You should just agree to stay there till you find somewhere else and he finds a replacement. Seriously, it's your flat too. Also, I'm surprised that somebody hates you.