Sunday, 25 January 2009

I need lessons in organisation ( yeah thats right, with an s stupid spell check)

OK so my original plan for this weekend was that i was going rounds sophies, who was going to drive me, jade and dale to daves to stay there on Friday night, and we had a hostel booked for Saturday night in Liverpool because sophie had an audition for a university early sunday morning.
And then she was going to drive us all back home.

So the first half of the plan went according to plan we got to daves fine we stayed the on Friday night, and hung out all day on sat which was sweet, but them i received an e-mail from one of my band mates saying " dude, don't forget the photoshoot tomorrow".
I shat my pants because i forgot that we had a band promo shoot at 12 and practice at 7.
So very swiftly i had to organise a way back to winchester, which sucked because i think i left sophie to stay in a room by herself :( sorry sophie.

The journey back consisted of:

Getting a lift to derby coach station.
Getting a coach from derby to London Victoria at 3am.
Walking over to Victoria station and waiting for about 2 hours.
Jumping on a train from Victoria there to Epsom.
Catching a taxi from Epsom to sophies house.
Getting in my car and driving from sophies to mine.

The travel cost me:
£5.10 - Coach.
£5.40 - Train.
£10.00- Taxi.
£10.00 -Petrol.


No wonder i always run out of money.

So any way i got home about 11ish and called the guys to see where im meeting them, and guess what?
The photo shoot was canceled.

Im tired.
Im going to sleep.
Bad times. x

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