Sunday, 28 December 2008

Bad timesss.

At a party...... its 7 in the morning.
The sun is coming up.
hmm and due my apparent lack of confidence i am sat by myself while everybody has paired up and gone to different bedrooms :(
Tis wierd a bit like a swingers party but everybody is fucked up on crazy shit, it seems as though girls are only attracted to guys who drink lol.
Well im only writting this because i have nothing else to do :( should sleep really but all the beds are taken lolz.
Bad timess.
Something is wrong with this world.
I dont understand why i cant catch the attention of even 1 girl when we are out. Not that im out 'ON THE PULL MAAYYYTTEEE' its just nice to have a little attention, when all your friends have girls dribbling over them.
I guess im just jealous, ohh well.
Peace yalll x

Thursday, 25 December 2008


We really are advancing in technology hehe.

Wellll today has been amazing sooo far :) grandad even recognised me this morning :)
Nans constant complaing about my vegetarianism hasnt stopped but ive been feeling so good i just dont care WOOOP WOOOP.
For those of you who dont know my parents are divorced so i get two days of christmas, which is amazing.
Today i got got:
- OZ season 6 ( wanted it for ages)
- 500 GB external hardrive.
- Korg synthasizer for my DS
- And some dv tapes for my camera

Tomorow im going back to my mums for second christmas or even secondmas ohh yeah, im smooth.

Not expecting anything in particular but really looking forward to it.

Hope your all having an amazing day, and i hope to see yall sooon x

Wednesday, 24 December 2008


I just did all my christmas shopping today in like 5 hours haha, it was very stressful but i saw it through to the bitter end hehe.
I saw 3 chavs running like the speed of light away from a security guard, i could have stopped them but i was on the other side of a fence :( bad times.
I wonder what they had done.

This time last year i was involved in a homeless rally thing where me and all my mates got together and gave out old blankets and cloths that we own we even had soup and stuff but this year nobody has arranged anything :(
Maby we should have a youtube homeles rally :)

I really am not feeling the Christmas spirit this year for various reasons.
But im looking forward to the new year and have many things that need changing in my life.

Im just leaving to go round my nans and i wont be on the internet for like 3-4 days soo i hope you have an amazing christmass, with lots of amazing presents and endless love.

Monday, 22 December 2008


Good day henly brenly bunch gon lunch munch.
I have now been up for 41 mins inthat time i have eaten some protein bars and drank my protein shake and fcking worked out like a tiger.
Nah i kinda just layed in bed then got up and doug cooked me some scrambled egg.
Now i am waiting to my ass down the crazy cathedral where nobody knows where it is.

Sophie beard is leaning on my shoulder even though last night i tried to kill her with a huge green rubber band and pillows ^__^ and this morning me and doug woke her up by jumpeing on her WOOOP WOOOOOOOP.


Sunday, 14 December 2008

What was wrong with me?

OK so after work today i returned back to my family home to help put up the Christmas decorations and as i was digging through the shit in the loft, i found all my old school books.

Well when i say school books i mean the text books i stole from the cupboard in school and used them to get away with drawing in class.

Amongst these books i found a book which appears to be a sort of thought log, which was full of these fucked up poems.
I was gunna make a video about this but i think the content is too dark for a video :s

I will share a couple with you now.

Anger is to be treated with a touch of evil.
If not, it is to be torn; torn from the inside.
Torn away from the actual feeling of life.
All turns black
No memory.
No feeling.
Just anger in its rightful place.

Come back to the usual.
Concentrate on the things that hurt the most.
Provoked thought of loneliness.
Normal thoughts ripped away from the face of reality.
The young boy, no hope for that which he desires.

Leave me alone,
Thats what your good at.
Please scrape me out of this box which people call life.

Im not here,
the distant face at the end of the hall,
The cold shiver down your neck,
Not much to live on.

These are not your thoughts to be thought.
Get out of my head.
Your riddling with my mind and fucking up my life.
I wish i could be normal again.

Your torment rips down the curtain between you and me.
Sanity and life.
Anything that means everything to me.

He's back, lurking over my shoulder,
Making me feel insecure.
What should i do? i cant get to him.
He is not there i just feel his presence.

....Soo yeah i cant even remember what these are about it was in year 8 I did used to suffer minor rage blackouts, maby thats what I did.

Peace x

Friday, 12 December 2008

Christmas and recording.

Ok soo Christmas is sneaking up on me quickly and i can barely pay the bills soo i apologise to anyone near or dear to me because i cant afford it this year.
I don't expect anything in return, maby just a card because with every year that passes Christmas becomes just that little bit more lonely.

But NOO this year is not going to be lonely at all because from Monday onwards i am moving into a part time recording studio to write and record my bands debut album WOOP WOOOP.
We have 3 songs written already but they are still a work in progress.
By new year we would have sent it out to distribution companies and record labels and we plan on touring around march time which sounds SWEEEEEETT.
So i will let people know the dates soo if i come near to you we can hang out :)

Sorry for not blogging for a while uni has been hectic and i have been ridiculously addicted to DONT CLICK THAT LINK, YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.

Love yall x

Saturday, 6 December 2008


^__^ x