Thursday, 5 February 2009

I wish i had something interesting to write about.

I haven't written a blog for ages, its because i never have anything to write about.

The past couple of days i have just been numb laying in bed, doing nothing.
All ive had is the little things that get me through the day, which i usually tweet if its that interesting.

Snow was good, i enjoyed that.

It would have been better if i had someone to enjoy it with.

It seems as though im starting to treat my video camera like a friend, i don't know if this is good or bad.

Im trying sooo hard to make myself believe i have an imaginary friend because that would be aweeeesoooooommmmmeeee.

All you have to do is watch drop dead fred to prove this.

Ran out of cheese just now.

Bad timess.

If you are reading this blog you are awesome and i love you.

Just remember to give me a hug next time you see me.



ISpySteph said...

"If you are reading this blog you are awesome and i love you."

How sweet. Just to show you people are reading this!

Keep up zee good work ^_^

Jenny P said...

come give me a hug nao >:[ and i will give you a block of cheese.

ariel said...

hugs :)

the captcha for this right now reads "skied"

Matthew said...

i love you too!

KameronKhaos said...

ayeee i would hug ye but my arms aren't long enough

*trys again*

nope s'not happening mate:/

Ike said...

awww, I read this blog whenever I can, I would give you a hug, but there is a pond that is in the middle called the Atlantic