Tuesday, 13 January 2009


OK so some of you may know that i went to Ireland this weekend, which appears to have been a very good decision ^__^

It started of very badly because, my band were playing a show on the night of my flight, so i turned up to play the show knowing i had to be out of there by 8.30.
Its turns out that the band which were providing the back line had broken down in their tour van, so i had to just leave without playing otherwise i would have missed my flight.

I got to the airport with 1 minute to spare, they nearly shut the gate in my face, but i just sweet talked them ^__^ ( First time thats ever worked )
When i got to Ireland, the plan was that tom was going to phone me at 11.15, which didn't happen. I was stuck in the airport for about 2 hours wondering if i was going to be sleeping there, eventually i found an internet point that worked and THANK THE LORD FOR TWITTER.

Ohh and if you read this thank you to the people who got hold of tom for me. (Hatti <3 , Doug <3)

It turns out that tom couldn't ring me if i didn't have credit on my phone because we were in a different country.
But i managed to find my way to the city centre where i stumbled across 3 very drunk people by the names of Dave, Tom and drunken Stephen sat in burger king looking as though they had just given up on life.

After some very loud street walking from Stephen we found ourselves back at the hostel, which again was very loud and stephen like ^__^ we ate some pizza, bread and a little bit of pasta, ohh and if your tom, lot of stolen cheap rice krispies.
I Lots of towel whipping.
Comes to trying to sleep and Stephen is on the phone to various people, so i threw a shoe at his face and managed to chip his tooth.
I meann a shoe feel from the ceiling .......

Early wake as usual with these gathering malarkey's to shower before hand, time ticked on and it came to us being kicked out of our room by the cleaners, we left in a hurry.
In soo much of a hurry that 30 mins later i realised i left my wallet in the hostel.
Upon my return, my wallet was returned.
But i was shocked to find that all my money had been removed from my wallet.
They said that none of the staff had taken it when the guy behind the counter could not even look me in the eye.
He said we must have left the door open this morning and somebody must have snuck in and grabbed it. He tried to brush it off by saying
"ohh it happens all the time"
HAHA ok well if it happens all the time, why would any one come here EVER??
Great thing to tell your customers.

Soo after this, we head towards the gathering, and it had every quality of a good gathering, the slight awkwardness, the fan girls and the handing over of gifts.
Apart from it was PISSING IT DOWN WITH RAIN AND IRELAND IS THE WINDIEST PLACE ON EARTH. I had a very fun time meeting new people Karla is AWESOME and katy was really nice and kameron, omg it would take forever to name everyone, but yeah i met some amazing people.

After this we went home to stephens house where his lovely parents welcomed us in to their home and offered us food, which was very much appreciated.
We Then slept, and woke up mega early for a secret top mission secret that none of you guys can know about :)
But you will find out sooon enough.
In the famous words of tom milsoms t-shirt:
"Cliff hangers are....."
Love y'allllll
xXx ^__^ xXx


Anonymous said...

all i can say is
my bebo picture just makes my weekend tbh.
you look hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Someone likes names starting with Ka...