Thursday, 5 February 2009


Ok soo after typing my that blog just now, i decided to do something interesting and go and work on one of my songs ive been writing and i thought i would share it with the people who read this, because i love them ^__^

It is an instrumental track, sometimes the feeling of a song can speak just as loud as words, sorry about the midi violin i just don't own a real one, and the mix is really rough at the moment..

Wow here we goo, first time i have ever broadcasted my music across the internet.

Go here (Its free) -> IANS MUSIC


Jenny P said...

oh my lord. that was so sad... sounds that go backwards is hard to use effectively in music and i think you've done really well. thanks so much for sharing. it's incredible.

Pav said...

Wow, impressive Ian :D t'was awesome.

Anonymous said...

i love it!
it is reflection music. it makes me think of ur secret place video. great work!


Ike said...

Very wonderful song, and sad at the same time indeed

doug said...

:0 I'm impressed! that was really good, looking forward to hearing more :D

linda said...

aw the song is amazing. can't really find any words for it that's how wonderful it is. made me feel a bit better. thanks ian! <3

MikisthatChick said...

i love this Ian! the way it progresses is great, it sounds like it would be used in a movie, like at a really sad and meaningful part, like the defining moment for the main character.
maybe i'll create a YT video around it :)
well done!!!!!