Sunday, 28 December 2008

Bad timesss.

At a party...... its 7 in the morning.
The sun is coming up.
hmm and due my apparent lack of confidence i am sat by myself while everybody has paired up and gone to different bedrooms :(
Tis wierd a bit like a swingers party but everybody is fucked up on crazy shit, it seems as though girls are only attracted to guys who drink lol.
Well im only writting this because i have nothing else to do :( should sleep really but all the beds are taken lolz.
Bad timess.
Something is wrong with this world.
I dont understand why i cant catch the attention of even 1 girl when we are out. Not that im out 'ON THE PULL MAAYYYTTEEE' its just nice to have a little attention, when all your friends have girls dribbling over them.
I guess im just jealous, ohh well.
Peace yalll x


Eddplant said...

I've always had trouble getting girls' attention in a night club setting. To be honest though, I'm kind of glad to not get involved with someone in that situation, because if they really are drunk or on something I wonder if they really like me or just wanted someone to get with.

LCSsings said...

awww Ian *hugs*:( <3

Matthew said...

Have you tried getting to them rather than gaining their attentions flamboyantly.. Talk to them =)

gnotknormal said...

Awww. If it's any consolation I was very keen on talking to you when I met you ^_^. I'm sure other girls will feel the same. xx

Nessa said...

i would pay attention to you if i were to meet yo irl.

MikisthatChick said...

oh Ian you are such a lovely person. those girl must be completely oblivious and not worthy of your attention then. but i know how you feel, sometimes (actually alot of times) thats how it is only reverse for me, all the boys go for the more...erm...promiscuous girls, shall we say?

Jenny P said...

one word, ian. roofie.