Monday, 22 December 2008


Good day henly brenly bunch gon lunch munch.
I have now been up for 41 mins inthat time i have eaten some protein bars and drank my protein shake and fcking worked out like a tiger.
Nah i kinda just layed in bed then got up and doug cooked me some scrambled egg.
Now i am waiting to my ass down the crazy cathedral where nobody knows where it is.

Sophie beard is leaning on my shoulder even though last night i tried to kill her with a huge green rubber band and pillows ^__^ and this morning me and doug woke her up by jumpeing on her WOOOP WOOOOOOOP.


1 comment:

BethOnTop said...

i dont like your "waking up" techniques..
do you remember when i fell asleep in the car, and you all decided to wake me up by SHOUTING!?
bastards ;) x