Thursday, 9 October 2008


I have just realised that one of my mates from uni is more of a friend than i thought, we just had a chat and he helped me out mentally, if that makes sense.
This made me happy he was going to go home but he took time out of his day to hear me out.

I realised how ridiculous it is that for a relationship between two people to go beyond the status of "friends" there has to be some sort of sexual activity, and if this doesnt happen in a certain amount of time you will always be stuck in that friend zone.
I watched lost in translation last night and was completly entranced by the beauty of the relation between the two main characters.

Such beauty does not exsist in reality, thats why i like movies soo much.
I think i need to grow up and stop trying to escape through false realities such as film.


thisisace said...

It's lovely when friends are able to do that for you.

And it's great seeing lots of Youtubers feeling able to say how much they love/care for their online friends without worrying about any comeback.

Amanda said...

Yeah, I'm the same as well. I see these deep friendships in movies and wish that I could have a friend like that. Trying to get that kind of relationship always results in disappointment which makes me go back to films. Reality has never been a big thing for me either.