Friday, 3 October 2008


Today i got series 5 of oz which i have wanted for sooooo long im super stoked and i am gunna sit down and watch them all tonight lol, then i wake up to go to LDN and hang out with some of the coolest kids in town ^__^

I am uploading a video about a monopoly board game i bought today for £2 :s
crazzzy timess foooool.

Im really upset that im not gunna see the guys that are going to dublin, i miss them :( but soon i will WOOP WOOOP.

I am on the computors at uni, and they have locked me in because i am uploading somethign and refused to leave, and they were like
" Ok we will ahve to lock you in, incase of emergency, use the fire exit"

leather glove box mother.

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