Saturday, 27 September 2008


I got the worse ear ache i have ever had, i didnt even know they could feel like this, the whole right side of my head hurts, and i cant even smile because it hurts to much, this is just depressing :(
I wanna go home and eat some chocolate and play on mario.
I really want to get away from home again, i need to go somewhere, somebody invite me to their house please.
I need something wierd and beautiful to happen to me so i can side track from life and go on a massive hunt, where there are no worries other than finding the end to the adventure.
Why cant life be like it is in studio ghibli movies.
That would make me a happy man.
Guess im just a lonely dreamer.

1 comment:

gnotknormal said...

Awww Ian. :(

Don't be sad and lonely :(

I'd take you away anytime :) You can stay in Scar's basement and we can play "Nash" all the time :D