Thursday, 5 June 2008

He is still a legend even when he is dying.

I went round to my nans house again yesterday to have dinner, and to say hello to grandad he was just laying there in the same spot staring out the window. I tried talking to him but there was no reply and suddenly out of nowhere he says in his mumbly voice:

"Ohh look there's somebody out side"

I turned round and looked out the window there was nobody there turned to face granddad and said
"There is nobody there grandad"

He said "Noo look up there on top of that roof ( he was referring to the shed)"

I looked and again there was nothing there so i asked him what this guys looked like and he replied

"I dont know"

We both stooped talking the room was filled with silence as he was staring out the window.
Then out of nowhere he softly said.

"ohh look he's floating around now"

I looked again and yet again there was nothing, I asked him

"where abouts is this guys floating"

and he said,

" hes just floating, floating, floating. He's gone now."

One of the best conversations in my life.

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